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Dispopolitico is a Christian Dispensational, 3rd wave, YEC, free-will, pro-deliverance (attributes of the best philosophical worldview) perspective of current politics, primarily within the USA and how it relates to Bible prophecy, especially the blessed hope. There is an occasional DISSing of politics and politicians as well, with a loving, constructive motive for better and more tolerant societal change as opposed to the extreme hypocritical intolerant left. Dispensationalism is not theocratic, at least in this dispensation, but rather teaches, according to Scripture, that we are in an age of grace and mercy where anyone can receive the good news Gospel of peace and be saved from damnation, , and guilt. No other religion or belief system, including atheism, offers such hope.

Dispolitico believes mostly what Wikipedia’s dispensationalism article has to say about World politics:
“World politics: Dispensationalism teaches that Christians should not expect spiritual good from earthly governments, or success from churches to be part of Christ’s kingdom enlarging ministry since the Kingdom of God is usually seen as yet future. Instead, people should expect social conditions to decline as the end times draw nearer. Dispensationalist readings of prophecies (such as Daniel 9:27, “And he [the Antichrist] will make a firm covenant [a peace contract] with the many [the nation of Israel] . . . ”) often teach that the Antichrist will appear to the world as a peacemaker. This makes some dispensationalists suspicious of all forms of power, religious and secular, and especially of human attempts to form international organizations for peace, such as the United Nations. Almost all dispensationalists reject the idea that a lasting peace can be attained by human effort in the Middle East, and believe instead that “wars and rumors of wars” (cf. Matt 24:6) will increase as the end times approach. Dispensationalist beliefs often underlie the religious and political movement of Christian Zionism. Dispensationalists teach that churches which do not insist on Biblical literalism set forth an inconsistent method of interpretation with respect to the area of Bible prophecy and view it as a step towards theological liberalism which rejects Scripture as being inerrant. This casts suspicion on attempts to create church organizations that cross denominational boundaries such as the World Council of Churches. (See also ecumenism.)”

Dispolitico rejects the above quote stating “Dispensationalism teaches that Christians should not expect…success from churches to be part of Christ’s kingdom enlarging ministry since the Kingdom of God is usually seen as yet future”. There clearly is a secret internal invisible kingdom at war with Satan’s earthly kingdom even though Christians are simply sojouner’s here with citizenship in heaven. Therefore invisible kingdom growth is possible especially if Christians are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and following Christ’s commands to heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the good news gospel of salvation so more Jews and Gentiles become part of the mystical body of Christ before the rapture, the blessed hope.


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